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Bad Choice? Nike Elite National Teams Wear Halo Jackets Instead of Classy Anthem Jackets in Euro 2024

Out of nowhere, Nike has introduced a new look for the presentation of its top national teams during the anthems for the Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024.

Friendlies (regular) vs Euro 2024 (Halo)

Nike Halo 2024 National Team Anthem Jackets

Nike's Elite national teams are opting for striking modern "Halo" jackets instead of the traditional anthem jackets seen in the friendlies in the Euro and certainly also in the Copa America.

Nike created Halo Anthem Jackets for six of its biggest national teams - Brazil, France, Nigeria, England, the Netherlands, and France.

France Regular vs Halo Anthem Jackets

Didier Deschamps' France team sported the white Nike Halo Anthem jacket against France. It features a distinctive modern look with a black elastic cord on the front, much less classier than the regular one.

Three federations received white Halo anthem jackets (England, France & USA) and three black variants (Nigeria, Brazil & the Netherlands).

Nike Halo Anthem Jackets - Key Features

  • Introduced just in time for Euro 2024 for Nike's Elite national teams
  • Fabric: The jacket is made from soft ripstop fabric, ensuring durability and comfort.
  • Lining: A mesh lining is included for breathability.
  • Hood: The jacket has a fold-over hood with a zip fastening in the collar.
  • Elastic Cord: A black elastic cord allows the jacket to be "balled up" K-Way style, adding a functional and stylish element.
  • Availability: Available for purchase for 160 euros on the online store

The Nike 2024 Halo anthem jackets retail at an immense price - 160 euros (165 USD).

Would you have preferred Nike's teams to wear the regular classy anthem jackets everyone thought teams would wear? Let us know in the comments below.