Birmingham City 24-25 Home Kit Released

Birmingham City's 2024-25 home kit, created in collaboration with Nike, will be exclusively available at the temporary Blues Store starting Thursday, June 13, from 10am, with online availability following next week.

Birmingham City 24-25 Home Kit

This is the new Nike Birmingham City home football shirt for 24-25.

The Nike Birmingham City F.C. 24-25 home shirt is blue, featuring white accents in the form of the collar, cuffs, side panels and a chest band.

This chest band features the iconic five-strike logo of UNDEFEATED, the club’s main sponsor, known for its collaborations with prestigious brands.

'KRO' detailing can be seen inside the neckline of the Nike Birmingham City 2024-25 shirt, a nod to the club’s famous anthem "Keep Right On." Fans have adopted "KRO" as their motto, often using the hashtag '#KRO' on social media.

Nike combines the Birmingham City 2024-2025 home football shirt with white shorts and blue socks.

The Nike Birmingham City 24-25 home shirt is available since June 13, retailing at £60.

Made by Nike. Are you a fan of Birmingham City's home jersey? Comment below.