Mbappe Receives New Plain Mask, France Mask Banned by UEFA Equipment Regulations

Update: Mbappe has unveiled the new mask he will wear against the Netherlands tonight. It comes without any design due to UEFA regulations. It simply has the look of plain carbon.

Following the nose injury he suffered in the game against Austria, Mbappe has been issued with a special French mask for use in upcoming matches. However, it will be banned for breaching UEFA's Equipment Regulations.

Special Mbappe France Mask

Mbappe's new mask has a tricolor design with blue/white/red colors imitating the French flag. It features Mbappe's signature logo, the France football crest and the number 10 with 2 stars.

Unfortunately, Mbappe will not be able to use this 'France' mask as it is against UEFA's Equipment Regulations. In article 42.01.i.i, UEFA states:

Medical equipment (e.g. head protection, face-masks, casts, kneepads or knee braces, elbow pads) worn on the field of play must be a single colour and free of team and manufacturer identification.

Therefore, France will have to provide Mbappe with a different, single-color mask to use in future matches.

Do you like Mbappe's France mask? What do you think when it was banned? Comment below.