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Preußen Münster 24-25 2. Bundesliga Home, Away & Third Kits Released

SC Preußen Münster, after 33 years, is making a comeback to the 2. Bundesliga. Now Preußen Münster's new 2024-2025 home, away and third kits were presented.

Away carried over, third standard teamwear - Jako only designed one new kit

The long-standing main sponsor, Fiege, will display its logo on the Preußen Münster's 2024-25 home, away, and third kits, along with Stadtwerke Münster as a sleeve partner.

Preußen Münster 24-25 Home Kit

This is the Preußen Münster 24-25 home shirt, made by Jako.

The Jako Preußen Münster 2024-25 football shirt features the colors green and white, a departure from the darker tones of previous years. The jersey incorporates vertical stripes.

The Jako Preußen Münster 24-25 home jersey has a classic collar and incorporates the club crest within the green stripes.

Preußen Münster 24-25 Away Kit

Check out Jako's Preußen Münster 2024-2025 away shirt below.

The Jako Preußen Münster 2024-25 away football shirt is carried over from last season, called the "city kit". It is black with the yellow-red-white colors of the city coat of arms used for subtle detailing of the collar and sleeve cuffs.

Preußen Münster 24-25 Third Kit

Check out Jako's Preußen Münster 24-25 third shirt below.

In contrast to the home and away shirts, the Jako Preußen Münster 2024-25 third jersey does not feature a bespoke design or colors. The Jako Preußen Münster 24-25 third shirt is light blue with wine red sleeves, based on the cheap Jako Iconic Teamwear kit (available for just 11,50 Euro online).

According to the club, the third design and colors were chosen to follow the guidelines of the DFL to distinguish it from the home and away jerseys.

The kits won't be available for purchase until August 2024

Preußen Münster's home, away, and third kits for the 2024-25 season will be available for purchase starting in August 2024. This is due to the club's promotion to the 2. Bundesliga, which triggered certain kit rules such as the removal of the back sponsor. As a result, Jako had to wait until the promotion was confirmed before beginning production.

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