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Swansea City 24-25 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released + Third Kit Leaked

The Swansea 2024-2025 home and away kits were released today, which are joined by the leaked third kit. Made by Joma, the new Swansea City jerseys will be worn in the 24-25 Championship.

Swansea City 24-25 Home Kit

This is the Swansea City 2024-2025 home jersey, made by Joma.

The Joma Swansea City A.F.C. 2024-25 jersey, of course, has the club's classic white and black colors. Back/orange/white/grey pipping on the collar and sleeve cuffs give the shirt a nice touch.

The Joma logo and the Swansea crest of the Joma Swansea City A.F.C. 24-25 home football kit are both black. The design also incorporates a wave ripple pattern into the shirt.

Swansea City 23-24 vs 24-25 Home Kits

Swansea City 24-25 Away Kit

Joma has designed an understated yet stylish Swansea City 2024-2025 away kit, pictured below.

The Swansea 24-25 away football jersey features a camouflage design in black, neutral grey, and dark shadow. These colors are also included on the shorts and the socks.

Swansea City 23-24 vs 24-25 Away Kits

Swansea City 24-25 Third Kit

Check out Joma's Swansea City 24-25 third shirt below.

The Joma Swansea City 2024-2025 third shirt has a unique design with the main color being purple and the mottled patterns creating an interesting look.

Swansea 24-25 Goalkeeper Kits

Joma also released three Swansea City 24-25 keeper kits. One is lemon-colored with a vibrant pattern, another is pink-colored, and the third is green with a darker green pattern.

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