Which Kits Will Adidas Still Release for German National Team?

Germany's kit deal with Adidas will end in just over two years' time. So what kits will Adidas still release for Germany before they are replaced by Nike in 2027?

Which Kits Will Adidas Still Release for the German National Team?

From now until the end of 2026, there are two major tournaments left: Women's Euro 2025 and World Cup 2026. Adidas will also be supplying the following kits for the German team:

  • 2025 Women's Euro away kit (released in March 2025)
  • 125-year anniversary kit (released in early 2025)
  • 2026 World Cup home & away kit (released in March 2026).

Germany 2025 Women's Euro Away Kit

As usual, Adidas will release a new away kit for the German women's team for each major tournament. Footy Headlines has no information yet on the Adidas Germany women's Euro 2025 away kit.

Germany 2023 Women's World Cup Away Kit

Adidas Germany 125-Year Anniversary Kit

The Germany 125th Anniversary kit will be one of the last kits from Adidas before Nike replaces Adidas as Germany's kit supplier from 2027.

Adidas Germany 2026 World Cup Home & Away Kits

The new DFB 2026 World Cup home & away kits will be the last Adidas kit before Nike replaces Adidas in 2027.

Germany Signs Nike Kit Deal - 2027 Until End of 2034

The Nike Germany contract will take effect from 2027. This means that Germany will last wear Adidas kits at the 2026 World Cup and then Nike kits at Euro 2028 and and future tournaments.

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The first-ever Nike Germany football kits will be launched in early 2027.

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