Cristiano Ronaldo Announces UFL Football Game, Wears Unbranded Kit and Boots?

Ronaldo announced the UFL game yesterday with a short teaser. Interestingly, he was wearing an unbranded football shirt and boots.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wears Unbranded Kit and Boots in UFL Football Game

In the short teaser, Ronaldo can be seen wearing an unbranded white jersey. It has the logo of STRZ, the developers of the UFL game, on the right chest.

Ronaldo also wears non-branded boots. These are products designed specifically for the game.

It is understandable that Ronaldo wears unbranded shirts and boots in the UFL game. This is a new game, so they cannot have the copyright of big brands and big tournaments right away.

EA Sports FC is the most popular and widely played football game today. They own the copyrights to most of the major leagues, teams, players and brands.

It will take time for the UFL football game to own the rights to major leagues and major brands.

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