Vasco da Gama 13-14 (2013-14) 115 years Home + Away Kits Released

Vasco da Gama today released the new Vasco 13-14 Home and Away Kits. The Vasco da Gama 2013-14 Kit was used for the first time in yesterdays match against Portugesa when they won 1-0. Vasco da Gama 13-14 Kits are made by Penalty and feature some special applications to honor 115 years of Vasco da Gama since 1898. Eletrobras, who are the club sponsor, have their logo on both the front and the back of the Vasco 2013-14 Kits. There is also a BFG logo on the right side of the chest.

Vasco 2013 Home Kit

The Vasco da Gama 13-14 Home Kit is black with a white stripe from the upper left to the lower right side of the shirt, which is continued on the back side.

On the back of the collar of the Vasco 13-14 Home Shirt are 8 stars which are also present above the Cross pattée on the shorts, to remind of 4 Brazilian Championships, South American Club Championship 1948, Copa Libertadores 1998, Copa Mercosur 2000 and unbeaten Campeão de Terra e Mar season in 1945.

There is another white stripe which goes from the collar to the right sleeve on the Vasco 13-14 Home Shirt and has written 115 anos in gold color inside. There is a Brazilian and a Portuguese flag as well as a writing to remind of the club's connection with Portugal on the inside of the collar

Vasco 2013 Away Kit

The Vasco 2013-14 Away Kit is almost like a reverted colors version of the home, but the collar is slightly different as it's a plain black v-collar for the Away. Vasco 2013 Away Shorts are white with a black trim at the bottom and socks are white a black line at the top and one at the bottom.

There is a 115 anos writing on a black stripe that goes from the collar to the right sleeve on the Vasco 13-14 Away Shirt.

Vasco 2013 Goalkeeper Kit

The new Vasco da Gama 2013 Goalkeeper Home Kit is grey and features a black collar and black sleeve cuffs. The stripe from the left upper to the lower right side is colored in a darker grey tone and there is a black shape on the right side of the chest which holds the 115 anos text.