Adidas Argentum 2014 Primera División Argentina Ball

Adidas today unveiled the new Adidas Argentum 2014 Ball, which will be used in the first division of Argentina. The Adidas Argentum Ball will debut in the match between River and Estudiantes on January 12.

The new Adidas Argentum Ball will feature in the Torneo Final, the second tournament of the season, which begins on February 9 and ends in May as well as in the Torneo Inicial in the second half of 2014.

Adidas Argentum Ball

This is the new Adidas Argentum Argentina Ball.

The Adidas Argentum 2014 OMB (Official Match Ball) comes with the same panel design as the Adidas Brazuca, the official 2014 World Cup Ball. The new Adidas Argenum Ball reflects the colors of the country, while the gold elements celebrate the achievements in the history of Argentina.

The technology, the same which is used for the Adidas Brazuca, comes with the remarking six propeller panels. The Adidas Ball is designed to fly perfectly as well as providing grip and contact.

The new official AFA Ball comes with Football Federation Crest on the surface and is available for 82 Euro (112 US Dollar) on the Adidas Argentina website.