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Galatasaray 14-15 Training and Pre-Match Kits Leaked!

Exclusive! These are the new Galatasaray 2014-15 Training and pre-match kits, which are again made by the US-giant Nike. The new training and pre-match shirts are rather simple and set to be unveiled in Summer 2014.

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Galatasaray 14-15 Pre-Match Jersey

This is the new Galatasaray 14-15 pre-match shirt.

The Nike Galatasaray 2014-2015 Pre-Match kit is mainly red and comes with orange applications. On the front of the kit features some lighter horizontal hoops, while the sleeves come with a orange stripe. Like all other Nike 14-15 Prematch Shirts, the team name is printed on the plain red back of the shirt. The kit will be worn during warm-up ahead of a match.

Galatasaray 14-15 Training Shirt

These are the new Gala 14-15 Training Shirts.

The new Galatasaray 2014-15 Training Kits feature a simple design available in two color combinations. The first one is orange / red, while the second is mainly purple with orange applications.