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New Black / Blue Warrior Gambler 2014 Boot Colorway unveiled

Warrior Football today unveiled a new colorway for the Gambler. Originally launched in June 2013, the most popular player to wear the Warrior control silo is Fellaini, while the launch boot face Thomas Ince switched to the newly released speed boot Warrior Superheat. As Warrior Sports entered the football market just two years ago, it seems like they have released nearly as many silos as popular players, even though they managed to sign several new players in the last months.

Marouane Fellaini will debut in the new black / blue Warrior Gambler Football Boot colorway in the match against Liverpool on March 16, although it's likely that Adidas will dominate the boot headlines with the debut of first knitted football boot Adidas Samba Primeknit, to be worn by Luis Suárez.

Warrior Gambler Pro Aviator / Blue / Red

This is the new black / blue / white Warrior Gambler Boot Colorway.

The Warrior Gambler Boot is designed for control and features a water-resistant tech mesh and soft microfibre upper. The upper of the boot is mainly navy with a red Warrior logo and red laces.

The new Warrior Gambler Boot Colorway features a checkerboard Tech Mesh with two tones of blue. The boot comes with a larger striking zone through an off set lacing system.

The first new Warrior Gambler 2014 Boot Colorway will be available from April 1st.