New Brazil Inspired Cruzeiro 2014 Third Kit Unveiled

Cruzeiro today released the new Cruzeiro 2014 Third Shirt, which is influenced by the yellow Brazil National Team Kit. Cruzeiro had already unveiled the regular Cruzeiro 2014 Home and Away Kits last month. Unlike the Home and Away Kits, the new Cruzeiro 2014 Third Kit features an adjusted Banco BMG logo with a more suitable color.

The new Cruzeiro 2014 Shirt will be used in the next three league matches of the team starting with Saturday's match against Coritiba.

Cruzeiro 2014 Third Kit

This is the new Cruzeiro 2014 Third Jersey, made by Olympikus and inspired by the 2014 World Cup.

The Cruzeiro 2014 Third Kit is mainly yellow and is inspired by the Brazilian National Team Jersey. The Cruzeiro 2014 Third Shirt has blue sleeve cuffs and a blue polo collar.

The Cruzeiro 2014 Third Kit shorts are blue, while the socks are white, re-creating the Brazil color scheme.

"It's another option for the supporter in time of the World Cup. The Cruzeiro supporters do not need to change the shirt and can cheer for the national team with the Cruzeiro shirt. It is a promotional product and we will do the next three games with that shirt and possibly a game in the United States with the yellow jersey", said marketing director Marcone Barbosa.

Cruzeiro also revealed a new Goalkeeper Third Kit, which is based on the same template and comes in dark blue with yellow as secondary color.