Adidas Predator Instinct 2014 Black-Out Boot Launched

New Adidas Predator Instinct 2014 Black-Out Boot Colorway - 2014 is the year of the Adidas Predator, celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the silo. Therefore, Adidas will release 14 different Adidas Predator Instinct Boots this year, including four spectacular Adidas Predator Remakes (Predator Tongue, Predator 1994, Predator Accelerator, Adidas Predator Mania).

The new Adidas Predator Instinct Black-Out Boot was released on August 1, while Adidas also launched a white-out Predator Instinct Boot.

Adidas Predator Instinct Black / Black / Black

This is the new Adidas Predator Instinct Black-Out 2014 Football Boot.

The new Adidas Predator Instinct Blackout Cleat is made for quick touch and powerful swerve in shots and passes. Mesut Özil, Ángel Di Maria, Oscar, Xavi and Fernando Torres wear the Adidas Predator Instinct Boot.

The black Hybridtouch upper of the Adidas Predator Instinct Boot combines the advantages of synthetic and leather materials, made for softness, lightweight and performance.

For the Adidas Predator Instinct Stealth Edition, Adidas designed a totally black-out boot colorway without any striking colorful applications and details.

On the inner side of the boot Adidas engineered a gel pad for precision passing, while the semi-transparent outsole features a special control frame for ultimate touch through the forefoot.

Adidas previously released five 2014 Predator Instinct Boots:

Predator Instinct Eyes Boot

Adidas Predator Tongue Boot

Black / Infrared / Core White Predator Instinct Launch Colorway

Solar Blue / Black / Core White / Neon Pink Predator Instinct Colorway

Black / Neon Orange Predator Instinct Boot.

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