Nike Lille OSC 14-15 Home and Away Kits Released

The new Lille OSC 14-15 Kits were released today, confirming our leak of the new Lille OSC 14-15 Home Kit. Nike again makes the new Lille 2014-15 Kits, while sports nutrition brand Etixx sponsors the new Lille OSC Kits for the first time.

The new Nike Lille OSC 14-15 Jersey honors "The The Glorious Decade" between 1944 and 1955, when Lille was one of France’s most successful clubs. Lille OSC finished third in the 2013-14 Ligue 1 and will play in the UEFA Champions League Third qualifying round.

Nike Lille OSC 14-15 Home Shirt

This draft is showing the new Lille OSC 2014-2015 Home Kit.

The new Nike OSC Lille 14-15 Home Kit features a triangular color gradient effect on the front, which is also used for the Atlético 14-15 Away Kit. The triangular gradient effect on the front takes inspiration from the traditional shirts worn by the club, when Lille OSC wore kits with a striking v-design on the front.

Traditionally, the Lille OSC Home Shirt features white applications and navy details. Inside the v-collar appears the Fleur-de-lis (Lille Coat of Arms) as well as the date 1954 and 2014, which marks the 70th anniversary of the French club.

Navy shorts and socks complete the new Lille OSC 2014-15 Home Kit.

Lille OSC 14-15 Away Kit

The new Lille 2014-15 Away Shirt is yellow.

The new Lille OSC 14-15 Away Shirt boldly features the yellow and black of the Flanders flag as a symbol of regional pride for the French Flanders area.

The bold yellow Lille 2014-2015 Away Kit is combined with a black-ribbed polo neck collar.

Black shorts with yellow details and yellow socks accompany the new Lille OSC 14-15 Away Kit.