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Adidas Predator Accelerator 1998 Remake Boot Released

New Adidas Predator Accelerator Remake Football Boot Unveiled - One week ago, Adidas unveiled the first boot of the much awaited Adidas Predator Revenge Pack, which includes the remakes of the Adidas Predator 1994, Predator Accelerator and Predator Mania. 1825 pairs of the Adidas Predator Accelerator Remake 2014 Boot are available from today.

Zinedine Zidane talks about his history with Predator

Launched in 1998 for the World Cup in France, the Adidas Predator Accelerator Football Boot was headlined by Zinédine Zidane. Zidane scored two goals in the 1998 World Cup Final wearing the Adidas Predator Accelerator Cleat, while Del Piero and David Beckham also wore one of the most famous Adidas boots produced to date.

Adidas Predator Accelerator 1998 Remake

This picture shows the new Adidas Predator Accelerator 2014 Remake.

Like the original Adidas Predator Accelerator Boot, the new 2014 Remake features the unconventional three Adidas stripes design, an asymmetrical lacing made for a larger strike zone, redesigned rubber elements on the upper as well as the iconic tongue.

The Adidas Predator Accelerator 1998 Boot was the first Adidas cleat to feature the asymmetrical loop lacing. The new system offered a larger, cleaner kicking surface to eliminate missed shots and passes.

Furthermore, Adidas also added the Adidas Equipment logo on the heel as well as the Adidas Performance logo on the red tongue. The weight of the original Adidas Predator Accelerator Boot is 342g (8,5 [UK]).

While the semi-transparent outsole of the Adidas Predator Accelerator 2014 Remake features a similar design as the original boot, Adidas uses the modern Predator Instinct outsole. The Predator Instinct outsole features the totally new Control Frame technology for more control in the forefoot area.

The Adidas Predator Accelerator 2014 Remake is available from August 25 for 300 Euro / 300 USD. The boot is limited to 1825 pairs globally.