Black / Lime Green Adidas Adipure 11pro 2015 Boots Released

The new Black / Light Flash Yellow Adidas Adipure 11pro 2015 Soccer Boots was released in January 2015. Based on the Adidas 11pro 2015 Football Boots, the new Black / Lime Green Adidas 11pro Football Shoes will receive no on-pitch player support.

Adidas Adipure 11pro Light Flash Yellow / Black / White

This is the new Black / Yellow Adidas 11pro 2015 paint job.

The next-gen Adidas 11pro Football Shoes are designed for a comfortable and premium fit with an elegant design. The new Black / Lime Green Adidas 11pro 2015 Boot features a modern half-and-half appearance with the traditional color black and the fresh new color Light Flash Yellow. While the outstep of the new colorway is lime green, the instep features the classical colors black / white.

Adidas uses a soft Kangaroo leather for a glove-like fit, which is combined with a brand new support skeleton in the upper. The new support skeleton allows Adidas to remove any stitching from the upper without loosing stability. The upper design of the next-gen Adidas Adipure 11pro Boots is continued on the Comfort Frame outsole, which features a black / lime green half-and-half design.

The new Black / Lime Green Adidas 11pro Boots are already available as a FG version. The next-gen Adidas 11pro Boots is also available to customize using miadidas with a huge variety of design option. Check out more Adidas 2015 Football Boots in our Boot Calendar.