New Nike 2015 Brasileirão Ball Unveiled

The new Nike Brasileirão 2015 Ball is based on the Nike Ordem II ball model also used in the English, Italian and Spanish leagues and inspired by the colors of the Brazilian flag. It has a mainly white base with blue panels, yellow and green applications.

The 2015 Copa America Ball, called Nike Cachaña, is also based on the Nike Ordem II, as well as the leaked 2015 Copa Libertadores Ball, which is white with yellow and orange.

Nike Ordem II Brasileirão 2015 Match Ball

This is the new Nike Ordem II 2015 Brasileirão official match ball.

The new Nike 2015 Brasileirão ball is mostly white with blue, yellow and green accents. The blue panels feature yellow and green halftone gradient, while the Nike swoosh is green with a yellow outline. A silver Brazil logo completes the look of the new 2015 Brasileirão Match Ball.

The Nike Ordem II 2015 Brasileirão ball features Nike's Aerowtrac technology for perfected flight quality as well as neon colors for improved visibility.

Set to be used in the 2015 Brasileirão season, which kicks off in May, the new Nike Brasileirão 2015 official match ball will be released in early 2015 and go on sale in February.