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Hoffenheim 15-16 Kits Released

The new Hoffenheim 2015-16 Kits introduce unique design for the Bundesliga club, featuring more white than usual for the blue Hoffenheim Home Shirts. The 1899 Hoffenheim 15-16 Away Kit is yellow and the Hoffenheim 2015-16 Third Kit is dark blue.

Software company SAP continues to sponsor the new Hoffenheim 15-16 Kits, which are made by Italian brand Lotto.

Lotto Hoffenheim 2015-2016 Home Kit

This is the new 1899 Hoffenheim 15-16 Home Shirt by Lotto.

The new TSG Hoffenheim 15-16 Home Kit has a mainly white front with an elaborated front stripe design in blue, while the sleeves and sides of the new Hoffenheim Shirt are also blue. The collar on the new Lotto Hoffenheim Kit is white with a round cutout at the front.

The sleeve cuffs and the Lotto logo on the new Hoffenheim 2015-16 Home Jersey are red, based on Lotto's new logo placement style, as already seen on the new Genoa 2015-16 Third Kit.

Blue shorts and socks with red and white applications complete the new Lotto 1899 Hoffenheim 2015-2016 Home Kit.

Hoffenheim 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Lotto Sport 1899 Hoffenheim 2015-16 Away Shirt.

The Hoffenheim 2015-2016 Away Jersey is yellow with a front gradient that fades to white towards the TSG Hoffenheim crest on the left chest. The sleeve cuffs and front Lotto logos on the Hoffenheim 15-16 Away Kit are red, while the simple crew-neck and the hem are blue.

Yellow shorts with blue applications and yellow socks with red details complement the new 1899 Hoffenheim 2015-16 Away Shirt, which draws inspiration from the colors of flag of its home region Baden.

1899 Hoffenheim 2015-2016 Third Jersey

This image shows the new TSG Hoffenheim 15-16 Third Kit.

The Hoffenheim 2015-16 Third Shirt is the most stunning of the bunch, combining a dark blue base with a striking front gradient print to showcase the new identity of the club. A white crew-neck collar is used for the Hoffenheim 15-16 Third Kit which has red sleeve cuffs.

1899 Hoffenheim 15-16 Goalkeeper Jersey

This is the new Hoffenheim 15-16 Goalkeeper Kit.

The new 1899 Hoffenheim 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Kit boasts a unique design with a bold marble-inspired graphic print on the front, similar to what can be seen on the sleeves of the Sturm Graz 15-16 Kit. It is mainly green with black and white applications and striking red details.