James Rodríguez Reveals Custom Adidas Ace Boots

How do you ensure that your best players switch to your revolutionary new football boots? It's quite simple. Produce a custom version of your boots that fits the needs of your high-profile athletes. While Bastian Schweinsteiger trained in a completely modified Adidas X Cleat, James Rodríguez already debuted a custom version of the totally new Adidas Ace Football Boots.

Made for ultimate control, Real Madrid midfielder James Rodríguez headlined the launch of the new Adidas Ace 15 Boots last month.

James Rodríguez Debuts Custom Adidas Ace 15 Cleats

James Rodríguez's custom Adidas Ace Boots.

James Rodríguez laced up in a heavily modified version of the new Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Boots in Colombia's friendly against Costa Rica ahead of the 2015 Copa America.

The custom Adidas Ace James Rodríguez Soccer Boots feature the sole plate of an old Adidas F50 Adizero Boots. While the Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Soccer Cleats introduced a totally new control sole plate featuring nearly endless conical studs for ultimate control on Firm Ground surfaces and Artificial Grass, the sole plate of James Rodríguez Boots is made for speed and agility with a lightweight concept.

In fact, James Rodríguez previously wore the Adidas F50 Adizero Boots, and he was one of the few players to switch from the speed boot to the new Adidas Control silo.

Naturally, Adidas tries to hide that James Rodriguez wears a custom version of the new Adidas Ace. Therefore, the sole plate boasts a similar visual design as the regular Adidas Ace 15.1 Cleat.

Apart from the outsole, the custom Adidas James Rodriguez Boots feature the same technologies as the regular version of the synthetic Adidas Ace Cleats.

Watch out for James Rodríguez's custom boots in Colombia's opener against Venezuela in the 2015 Copa America on 14 June 2015.