Robinho Leaves Nike, Joins New Brand

Update 11/10/2016: Everything indicates that Robinho will join Adidas after he was spotted with Adidas' X PureChaos Stellar Pack boots in yesterday's Atlético Mineiro training session. He had been sponsored by Nike for more than 15 years and laced up both in blacked-out Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly boots just three days ago.

Robinho to Join Adidas, Trains in Adidas X PureChaos Stellar Pack Boots

Close-up with Robinho's two different blackout cleats worn in the past seven days.

Update 29/02/2016: Robinho has switched to a custom blacked-out version of the second-gen low-cut Bronze Nike Hypervenom Boots after he had laced up in a blackout version of the first-gen Nike Hypervenom Boots from Summer 2015 until at least the 2015 FIFA Club World Cup.

Robinho in the Copa Libertadores match against Independiente del Valle

Robinho's new boots

Brazilian striker Robinho is set to wear blackout Nike Hypervenom Phantom Boots in Brazil's opener in the 2015 Copa America. He already debuted the black-out Nike Hypervenom Phantom Cleats in the friendly against Honduras on June 6.

Robinho Trains in Blackout Nike Hypervenom Boots

Robinho trains in blackout Nike Hypervenom Phantom Cleats.

The blacked-out Nike Hypervenom Robinho Boots are based on the first generation of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Cleats. While the upper is all-black, the sole plate of the black Robinho 2015 Football Boots features Volt studs and striking orange details.

Interestingly, the outsole of the Robinho Boots is completely modified featuring the trademark stud configuration of the Nike Mercurial Boots, and comes with the split-toe sole plate design of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom.

Robinho had been wearing the Nike Mercurial Boots for almost his entire career, while he switched to the Nike Hypervenom Boots in summer 2014.

The Santos FC superstar laced up in the Volt Nike Nike Hypervenom Boots until late May 2015, and switched to blackout Nike Hypervenom Boots in early June 2015. It now looks like that Robinho's contract with Nike has expired, which opens the door for brands such Adidas, Under Armour and Puma for a possible sponsorship.

Watch out for Robinho's Boots in today's Cop America match between Brazil and Peru.