Sunderland 15-16 Kits Released

The new Sunderland 2015-16 Away Kit introduces a fresh look, while the Sunderland 15-16 Home Kit features the iconic red and white stripes design of the English Premier League club. The new Sunderland AFC 2015-16 Away Shirt was officially revealed on July 17, set to be debuted today against Toluca.

Adidas again produces the new Sunderland 2015-16 Kits, which are sponsored for the first time by eGaming operator Dafabet. Dafabet and Sunderland announced the shirt sponsorship deal on June 1.

Adidas Sunderland 2015-2016 Home Shirt

This is the new Sunderland Kit.

Traditionally, the new Sunderland 15-16 Kit boasts red and white vertical stripes on the front and the back of the shirt. Sunderland's 15-16 Home Shirt uses white as base color, and has three white stripes and four red stripes on the front and the back.

The sleeves of the new Sunderland 15-16 Shirt are solid white. Adidas added a black meshing detail on the sleeve cuffs, the collar and the bottom of the new Sunderland Kit. The Polka dots design is used for various Adidas 2015-16 Jerseys.

The colorful Dafabet logo on the front of the new Sunderland Kit interrupts the red and white stripes design.

Black shorts with a red trim and black socks complete the iconic design of the new Sunderland 2015-16 Jersey.

Sunderland 15-16 Away Shirt

This is the new Sunderland 2015-2016 Away Kit.

The new Sunderland 15-16 Away Shirt combines the colors green and yellow to make a strong impact on and off the field.

The Sunderland 2015-2016 Away Kit boasts a light green / green gradient on the front. Yellow applications on the collar, the bottom and the sleeve cuffs complete the colorful design of the new Sunderland Away Kit.

The shorts and socks of the new Sunderland Away Kit are green with yellow trim.

Sunderland 15-16 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Sunderland 2015-16 Goalkeeper Jersey.

The new Adidas Sunderland 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Shirt combines two different shades of blue. Adidas combines the blue Sunderland 15-16 Goalkeeper Jersey with white 3 stripes and striking red details on the collar and the bottom.

White with red stripes and black details. What do you think of the new Sunderland 15-16 Kit? Drop us a line below.