Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Kit with Classic Sponsors

Only two days to go. The new Adidas Manchester United kit will be launched this Saturday at Old Trafford. And, while Adidas's classic, 1980s-inspired designs for the new Manchester United 15-16 home and away kits were generally received well, the striking Chevrolet sponsor logo still is a problem for many United faithfuls.

We take a look at the alternatives, starting with a blank jersey front, as worn by Manchester United until 1982. Although no financially viable option in today's football world, the sponsor-less look allows for the Adidas shirt design to really shine, without distractions.

Sharp (1982-2000)

In 1982, Sharp Electronics became Manchester United's first shirt sponsor. Initially a five-year deal worth £500,000, the Manchester United Sharp shirt sponsorship agreement lasted until the end of the 1999-2000 season, making it one of the longest-running shirt sponsorship deals.

The iconic and understated Sharp logo is a favorite amongst many United fans, as it goes well with the red and white of the United kits.

Vodafone (2000-2006)

Telecommunications company Vodafone took over the Manchester United shirt from Sharp, paying £48m over six years.

Vodafone's logo appeared on the United strips with an added black border to stand out better from the red base color. The size of the logo also grew compared to Sharp before.

AIG (2006-2010)

American insurance company AIG agreed a four-year deal to become Manchester United's new shirt sponsor from 2006-07. Worth £56.5m over four years, the Manchester United AIG shirt sponsorship deal was the most valuable shirt sponsorship agreement at the time.

With AIG's shirt sponsorship, Manchester United returned to a solid white sponsor logo. This, plus the club's sporting success through the AIG era, make the brand one of the most well-received Manchester United jersey sponsors to date.

Aon (2010-2014)

Aon, an American reinsurance company, followed on AIG in a four-year deal worth £80m, again the highest-valued football jersey sponsorship at the time.

Chevrolet (since 2014)

In July 2012, Manchester United and General Motors signed a shirt sponsorship deal, worth $80m a year, which saw General Motors' Chevrolet brand feature on the front of the Manchester United jerseys from the 2014-15 season.

Whereas there are no doubts about the financial benefit of the Chevrolet sponsorship, many Manchester United fans were unhappy with how the Chevrolet logo looked on the shirts. The barely modified, glossy golden and silver Chevrolet logo was moaned to take away from the beauty of the Manchester United kits.

Some people noted that the Chevrolet logo would still work well in a one-colored variation, which was in fact already used just like that in a few previous shirt sponsorships of the car brand.

Which of the five Manchester United sponsors to date do you like the most? Which one looks the best on the Adidas Manchester United kit? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out more Premier League kits with classic sponsors.