Dark Red v Dark Green - Massive Color Clash in 2. Bundesliga

The dark green and pink Fortuna Düsseldorf 15-16 Third Kit has given us yet another reason to hate it. Ranked second in our 'Top 10 Worst 2015-16 Kits', the unusual Düsseldorf Jersey generated quite a stir in Germany today, clashing heavily with Nürnberg's Home Shirt in the two teams' meeting.

Nürnberg and Düsseldorf Barely Distinguishable from Afar

Can you tell the difference? Nürnberg (dark red) are seen in attack against Düsseldorf (dark green).

Whereas the two teams' kits were different enough close-up, it was barely possible to distinguish the two predominantly dark jerseys from further out. This was a concern especially on TV, as many viewers pointed out online.

It remains a mystery how Düsseldorf's 15-16 Kits from Puma got the green light, considering they are all fairly similar: red, black and dark green. Referee Christian Dingert gave his OK as well, although he might wish he hadn't, as he and his team wrongfully disallowed a goal on each side.

What's your take on the clashing colors in the Nürnberg v Düsseldorf game? Let us know in the comments below.