Our Top 10 Worst 2015-16 Kits

We rank the 10 worst football kits of the 2015-16 season. And while many football kits of the summer are beautiful, there are some kits we don't like at all.

Whether it's the wrong mixture of colors, a striking graphic-pattern on the front, or an oversized sponsor logo, there are many reasons for hideous soccer jerseys. Here are our ten worst kits you will see across Europe this season.

10 | New Balance Porto 15-16 Away Kit

Cacao brown. The New Balance Porto 2015-2016 Away Jersey is brown for the first time in the rich history of the club. New Balance combines the unusual color with bold blue sleeve cuffs and light brown horizontal stripes on the front. It just doesn't look good.

9 | Daen Guijuelo 15-16 Away Kit

Following the tradition of the beer, broccoli and tuxedo Football Kits of other Spanish regional teams, third division club CD Guijuelo released a bold 'Ham' Away Kit. Drawing inspiration from the Jamón de Guijuelo ham, the shirt and the shorts of the Guijuelo Kit boast an all-over ham print.

8 | Kelme Rayo 15-16 Third Kit

While Rayo's 2015-16 Away Rainbow Sash Kit made it in our Top 10 list this season, we include Rayo Vallecano's 15-16 Third Kit in our Top 10 of the worst kits. Released in support of those who fight against cancer, Kelme combines a light grey shirt with a pink Sash - the colors just don't work together.

7 | Kappa Wolfsburg 15-16 Away Kit

"That Wolfsburg Kit is horrid". When the German club entered pitch against Arsenal wearing the bold green, blue and white away kit, Arsenal fans put all blame on them. And while the official images released by the club are anything but bad, the on-pitch impression is definitely horrid. We can't wait to see Wolfsburg's Kit in the Champions League this season.

6 | Uhlsport Kaiserslautern 15-16 Third Kit

German 2. Bundesliga club Kaiserslautern revealed their 2015-16 Kits featuring a unique checker racing pattern. And while you may thing it has anything to do with the history of the club, it's just a random design to boost sales - but it didn't work at all as their fans urge for a new shirt supplier.

5 | Adidas Juventus 15-16 Away Kit

We would have loved the pink Juventus 2015-2016 Away Jersey. Inspired by the very-first kits of the club, the Juventus 2015-2016 Away Kit features the traditional color pale pink. The unity of the design is destroyed by the striking pink sleeve cuffs and the sponsor logo covering the white and pink horizontal band design.

4 | Ajax Amsterdam 15-16 Away Kit

The new Ajax Amsterdam 2015-2016 Away Jersey boasts the modern color Solar Green to stand out. Adidas combines the flashy main color with a black Ajax crest, white Three stripes and black-and-red on the bottom of the shirt. It didn't worked out well.

3 | Lotto Sturm Graz 15-16 Home Kit

The new Sturm Graz Kit breaks with the traditional black and white stripes design of the club. It boasts a water-inspired graphic print towards the bottom in white, which is used for various Lotto 2015-16 Shirts, so it's not even unique. Lotto combines the black and white shirt with flashy green sleeve cuffs. Could you imagine that Juventus would wear the new Sturm Graz Kits?

2 | Puma Düsseldorf 15-16 Third Kit

The new Puma Fortuna Düsseldorf 2015-2016 Third Kit has everything that makes a shirt bad. It uses the horrid color combination of dark green and pink, and features the infamous Puma 'turtle-pattern' in dark green. It's one of the worst kits this season.

1 | Errea Norwich City 15-16 Home Kit

It's not Errea's fault. While Errea designed a classic Norwich City 2015-2016 Home Kit, the large yellow block for the Aviva sponsor logo destroys the smart design. Norwich even released a horrid 15-16 Third Kit, designed "to be hated", but we think that Norwich City's 2015-2016 Home Kit should top our list.

You probably won't agree with each kit of our ranking. So let us know what's your least favorite kit of the 2015-16 season in the comments below.