Galatasaray to Use Classic Kit Combinations

Everything indicates that Galatasaray will not actually wear the stunning half-and-half kit that was unveiled by Nike last month.

Saturday's match settled the score. Galatasaray played the Turkish Super Cup against Bursaspor, who wear white shorts and socks, in black shorts with red socks, instead of the half-and-half design presented some weeks ago.

Galatasaray to Wear Black and White Shorts

Galatasaray will don its traditional black and white shorts instead of the unprecented halved shorts in 15-16.

When Nike launched the new Galatasaray 15-16 kit, which featured half-and-half shorts and socks for the first time, many fans were shocked, while others made fun of the unusual kit design.

It turns out that it was all for nothing in a way, as the Turkish champions have donned black or white shorts in all of their matches so far this season, pre-season or official.

The decision to opt for the traditional looks is anything but a solo attempt from the club however, as both black and white shorts, as well as the red socks boast unique, club-specific designs based on Nike's 15-16 range, meaning that they came directly fromt he US giant.

What do you think of Galatasaray's decision to continue with the more traditional combinations instead of the half-and-half shorts and socks? Let us know in the comments below.