Nike 15-16 'Decept' Third Kits Leaked

Nike will this season again unveil similarly-themed Third Kits for its top clubs, following the successful idea introduced last year. Under the umbrella of the Nike 'Decept' Kit collection, all Nike 15-16 Third Kits share the same design principles and inspiration.

Although no details have been disclosed, the Nike 2015-16 Third Kits are expected to be released shortly ahead of the start of the Champions League, just like last season.

Nike 15-16 'Decept' Third Kits

These are the new Nike 15-16 Decept Third Jerseys for Barcelona, Galatasaray, Inter, Manchester City, PSG and Roma.

Whereas the 14-15 Nike Third Kits boasted stunning flash colors both for the base and for the details, the new Nike 2015-2016 Third Shirts are themed under the slogan 'Decept' and generally feature less striking colors together with black gradient detailing.

The same gradient style is also visible at the bottom of the Nike 15-16 Third Kit shorts, fading to black socks. Colors-wise, the Nike 2015-2016 Third Shirts draw inspiration from the colors of the uniforms of historic local armed forces, e.g. the Republican Guard in the case of the PSG Third Jersey.

After last season's Nike Third Kit collection included shirts for Juventus and Manchester United, both with Adidas now, Nike has added Roma to the 15-16 Third Kit set. International clubs like América, Corinthians and Pumas will receive 2015-16 Decept Jerseys from Nike, too.

Nike's 14-15 Top Club Third Kits were a hit last season, impressing with their striking on-pitch appearances and even making it into Nike's 15-16 teamwear collection. Adidas has also followed suit in a way, as they are set to unveil a similar set of third kits for their major clubs ahead of the Champions League group stage draw.

The Nike 15-16 Third Decept Jerseys are set to be launched ahead of the start of the 2015-16 Champions League, retailing at a slightly lower price than the regular Nike Shirts.

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