Sloppy Work | Fred Covers Nike Brandings With Black and White Tape

Ronaldinho is not impressed. Fluminense striker Fred covered the brandings of his Wolf Grey Nike Mercurial Vapor X Boots with simple white and black tape.

Brazil international Fred had been wearing Adidas Boots in the 2014 World Cup, while he blacked-out his Adidas F50 Adizero Soccer Cleats after the tournament in Brazil. He laced up in Wolf Grey Nike Mercurial Superfly Boots in the 2015 Copa America, while he returned to Fluminense wearing incredibly bad unbranded Nike Mercurial Vapor Football Boots.

Fred Debuts Unique Unbranded Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Boots

Close-up picture of Fred's custom boot.

Based on the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Silver Storm Pack Boots, the custom Fred 2015-2016 Boots feature a remarkable white tape to cover the Swoosh on the outstep, and black tape to cover the Mercurial lettering on the heel area and the instep of the cleat.

While other players black-out their boots to hide the brandings of their boots, Fred decided to do only the bare minimum to cover the brandings of the Wolf Grey Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Soccer Boots - and even forgot to cover the Swoosh on the outsole.

It would haven been much easier to buy the blackout Nike Mercurial Vapor X Academy Pack Boots, similar to Manchester United's youngster Adnan Januzaj. And it's almost certain that Nike would have preferred that Fred laces up in an entirely unbranded boot instead of a defaced Nike Mercurial Boot.

Not very well done. What do you think of Fred's ridiculous unbranded Nike Mercurial Vapor Boots? Let us know in the comments below.