Striking Adidas Messi 2015-2016 Boots Released

Leo Messi returns from injury in a stunning, black / green / red pair of Adidas Messi 15.1 boots, set to be debuted in El Clásico next Saturday. Possibly the boldest-ever Adidas Messi Boot ever, the new Adidas Messi 2015-2016 Cleats were released on November 17, 2015.

The colors of the new Adidas Messi 2015-2016 Football Boots, which were already available on three months ahead of the official launch, stand in stark contrast to the white and blue tones used in two previous Adidas Messi 15 cleat releases. Leo Messi and the 'Backed by Messi' players will switch to the black, red and green Adidas Messi 2015-16 Boots in November 2015.

Adidas Messi 15.1 Black / Solar Green / Solar Red

This is the new Adidas Messi 2015-16 Cleat.

The new Adidas Messi 2015-2016 Soccer Cleats feature a spectacular design combining the classic main color black with vibrant red and green elements. While the touch area of the new black / red Adidas Messi Boot is black, the upper fades to a red heel area using a unique lines gradient design.

Most remarkably, the third Adidas Messi 2015-2016 Boot boasts Lionel Messi's trademark logo on the forefoot area using the colors Solar Green and Solar Red. It's an extremely bold design that is set to stir controversy.

While previous Messi 15.1 Boots featured no Adidas logo on the upper, the new Adidas Messi 2015-16 Football Boot boasts a Solar Green Adidas logo on the heel area. On the inner sole of the Black / Solar Green / Solar Red Adidas Messi 2015 Boots is the lettering "Messi 15.1 - Built to win".

Tech-wise, the black, red and green Adidas Messi 15.1 2015-2016 Boots offer the same features as the first Adidas Messi 15.1 Boot. The Adidas Messi 15.1 Boot features a skeleton sole plate with triangular studs, and an external cage in the midfoot area for more stability. The upper is made from a soft leather-like synthetic with 3D grip.

The third Adidas Messi 15.1 Boot retails at a price of 200 Euro (220 USD / 150 GBP), and is set to be available from 20 November 2015.

Extremely large Messi branding. What do you think of the new Adidas Leo Messi 2015-2016 Boot? Let us know in the comments section below.