New US Soccer Logo Released

The US Soccer national team today finally unveiled its new logo. Following the design language established by the overwhelmingly popular centenary crest, the new US Soccer logo boasts the US national teams' iconic navy and red in a sleek arrangement.

USA Soccer 2016 Logo

This is the new US Soccer badge, introduced on February 29, 2016.

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Drawing inspiration from the previous US Soccer logo's badge shape, the new USA national team crest simplifies a lot elements of the old crest, while also shifting the colors to darker and less cartoony shades of blue and red.

The three stars and the ball from the 1993 crest have been ditched, making place for a bold navy USA writing at the top of the badge. Dynamic red stripes adorn the lower half of the new USA soccer logo.

Barely changed since its creation in 1993 and often mocked for its outdated 1990s look, the US Soccer badge has been in need for a redesign for a long time. Building on the success of the centenary crest seems a very viable and logical decision, in the interest of the US national team's fans.

After Nike and US Soccer renewed their kit supplier contract until 2022, the two worked side by side on the new US Soccer badge, which is set to be first used on the new United States 2016 Home and Away Kits. The new USA Jerseys are set to be worn at the first-ever Copa America on US-soil, the 2016 centenary tournament.

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