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USA 2016 Copa America Away Kit Released

The United States 2016 Copa America shirt introduces a new all-black look for the USA national team and is the first-ever USA shirt to include the all-new federation logo. Made by long-term United States jersey supplier Nike, the new USA 2016 kit was launched at the brand's Innovation Summit in New York City.

USA 2016 Copa America Kit

This is the new United States 2016 away jersey by Nike.

Based on Nike's all-new Vapor kit design, used also for the upcoming 2016-17 season, the new USA 2016 away jersey is black with an extraordinary sleeve design: the right sleeve of the new United States away kit is red, while the left sleeve is blue. Sitting proudly on the left chest of the USA 2016 kit is the new USA Soccer logo, designed in a joint process between the federation and Nike.

The inside of the sleeve cuffs can be tucked out, revealing the writing "1 Nation." and "1 Team." und the right and left side, respectively. A band on the back of the collar of the new US Soccer away jersey reads "USA." The front of the United States 2016 away kit boasts an engineered panel similar to the PSG Dark Light kit, although only in the authentic variant.

Black shorts and socks complete the unprecedented look of the new USA 2016 kit which is sure to leave a strong impression on the field.

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