De Rossi to Leave Adidas? AS Roma Legend Trains in Blackout Boots

Is Daniele De Rossi set to the leave the Three Stripes ahead of Roma's Champions League clash against Barcelona? The 32-year old AS Roma midfielder laced up in unbranded Adidas Ace Football Boots in yesterday's training session.

In fact, Daniele De Rossi was one of the first players who trained in the Adidas Ace 15.1 Leather Boots ahead of the official launch in May 2015 when he laced up in a blackout prototype version of the boots in March 2015. It now looks like that AS Roma's legend and the 3 Stripes could go separate ways.

De Rossi Trains in Blackout Adidas Ace 15.1 Cleats

Close-up picture of the blackout Adidas Ace De Rossi Boots.

Designed to hide any brandings, the blackout Adidas Daniele De Rossi 2015-2016 Ace Boots feature a stealth look. There are always two reasons why a player trains in blackout boots.

First option: Daniele de Rossi is testing a modified version of his regular boots as he is facing problems with his current boots. But it looks like that De Rossi is wearing a non-modified version of the Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Boots, even though his right shoe looks slightly different than the normal version.

Second option: Daniele De Rossi's contract with Adidas has expired. It's intended to give the German brand no attention, and to demonstrate that he is a free agent and ready to sign new contract. If he debuts the blackout boots in an official match, it's extremely likely that his contract expired.

We'll have to wait for today's Serie A match between AS Roma and Frosinone to see if Daniele De Rossi leaves the 3 Stripes or stays faithful with the iconic German brand.

Meanwhile, Edin Dzeko laced up in the old Adidas F50 Adizero Boots, while Francesco Totti wore a modified Nike Tiempo Legend V Boot featuring his trademark fold-over tongue.

One thing is certain. Daniele De Rossi will stand out if he debuts the blackout boots. So watch out for Daniele De Rossi's Cleats in today's match and AS Roma's Champions League clash against Barcelona next week.