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Gyasi Zardes x Messi | The Unique Boot Story of US Soccer Striker Zardes

That's definitely something special. US Soccer striker Gyasi Zardes has been lacing up in all different Adidas Boot silos since June 2015 after he previously wore the Black / Solar Yellow Adidas Predator Boots.

Gyasi Zardes is a 24-year old American soccer player, who currently plays for LA Galaxy in the Major League Soccer and the United States national football team. He received his first international call in early 2015, and scored his first international goal in a friendly against Netherlands on June 5.

Gyasi Zardes' Boot Story

Gyasi Zardes laced up in Adidas X Boots against Germany on June 10.

After Adidas released the all-new Adidas Ace, Adidas X and Adidas Messi Boots in May 2015, US striker Gyasi Zardes had a choice to make: either to wear the all-new Adidas X 15.1 Boots or the all-new Adidas Ace 15.1 Boots.

The La Galaxy striker opted for the synthetic version of the Solar Yellow Adidas X 15.1 Cleats, made for players who create chaos on the pitch. Worn by players such as Luis Suarez and Thomas Müller, the Adidas X Boots are the logical choice for any striker.

However, Gyasi Zardes switched to the Black / Solar Yellow Adidas Ace Leather Boots a few weeks later.

Made for players who control the game, the Adidas Ace Cleats are usually worn by goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders, while rather few strikers lace up in Adidas' Control Boot. But that's also nothing really special as various Adidas defenders also lace up in Adidas X Boots.

But shortly after, Gyasi Zardes' Boots caught our attention for the first time. The 24-year Galaxy forward became the first player to debut a blackout version of the Adidas Messi 15.1 Boots.

Featuring the same technologies as the regular colorway, the boots provided by Adidas feature a stealth look to hide any brandings as it's not intended that any professional expect Leo Messi himself laces up in the Adidas Messi 15.1 Soccer Cleats.

Received my new #Messi15 cleats from the greatest himself

So it was quite a surprise when Gyasi Zardes switched to the Metallic Ice Blue launch colorway of the Adidas Messi 15.1 Cleats a few days later, even though he regularly switched between both colorways in the coming weeks.

When Adidas released the new White / Solar Blue Adidas Messi Boots last week, the question arose whether Zardes would switch to the new paint job or stay with the old cleats. And we got a clear answer.

Gyasi Zardes published an image of him with the new Adidas Messi Boots in his hands and the caption:

Unique player, unique boots, unique story. What do you think of Gyasi Zardes Boot Saga, which seems to has finally come to an end? Let us know in the comments below.