Juan Jesus' Odd Nike Magista Obra Boots Against Milan

What was Inter Milan's Juan Jesus wearing in yesterday's Serie A clash against AC Milan? The 24-year old Brazilian defender laced up in a really odd pair of the Hyper Turquoise Nike Magista Obra Cleats that caught our attention.

Inter Milan moved to top of the Serie A as a goal from Fredy Guarin earned a narrow derby victory, but for us it was all about that boots. So let's find out what happened to Juan Jesus' Soccer Boots yesterday.

Juan Jesus' Nike Magista Obra Boots vs Inter

Close-up picture of the Nike Magista Obra Juan Jesus Boots.

While Juan Jesus' right shoe of the Nike Magista Obra Cleats was anything but extraordinary, his left shoe featured a remarkable tape wrapping the forefoot area of his Nike Magista Obra Cleats.

In fact, Juan Jesus started the match wearing a non-modified version of the Nike Magista Obra Cleats, while he was forced to tape his football boots as anything of his Nike Magista Obra Boots was broken after a foul that suffered a small cut on his left foot in the first half.

However, the Brazilian defender switched to a pair of the old Silver Nike Magista Obra Boots during half-time, while he seems to had no match-ready pair of his blue Nike Magista Cleats left - yes, even the boots of pros get broken, but they got an adequate replacement.

Things for Juan Jesus got worse as he was subbed off sustaining an injury in the second half of the game.

Broken boots and a serious injury. Things couldn't have been worse for the Brazilian defender.