Kit Clashes Dominate Premier League and La Liga Top Matches

Kit color clashes are one of the needless things in football, and yet they happen again and again. Today's football schedule brought us a number of great matches and funnily a number of them had one thing in common.

Unnecessary short color clashes in the two Premier League top games between Everton and Chelsea and Manchester United and Liverpool were even surpassed by the Atlético Madrid against Barcelona match.

Dark Red / Dark Blue vs Dark Red | Atlético v Barceona

Messi scores the 2-1 against Atlético. But why didn't Barcelona pack their away kit?

Atlético played in their usual home outfit, which features a solid red back and a darker shade of the color than usual, making it incredibly difficult to tell the two sides apart as Barcelona also played in their blaugrana home kit; we feel with you, stream viewers.

Leo Messi didn't care a lot as he scored the winner in a 30-minute cameo, although the clash could've easily been prevented had Nike released the upcoming Barcelona 15-16 third kit earlier. Everything indicates that Barcelona will premiere the turquoise 'decept' jersey next week at AS Roma, and it would've been a perfect fit for today's Vicente Calderón visit.

Social media was full of comments about the preventable kit clash between Atlético and Barcelona, ranging from mockery to plain disappointment.

Nevertheless, it wasn't quite as bad as in the infamous Bundesliga 2 fixture between Nürnberg and Düsseldorf a couple of weeks ago.

What do you think about color clashes, especially partly short or sock color clashes as often experienced in the Premier League? Would the Barcelona away kit have been a better choice for the match today? Let us know in the comments below.