Real Madrid Goalkeeper Keylor Navas Joins Adidas

No more stealth look. Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas is set to debut Adidas Football Boots and Goalkeeper Gloves in the next La Liga match against Levante on September 11.

Interestingly, Keylor Navas was set to leave Real Madrid for Manchester United, with De Gea moving in the opposite direction, but the paperwork needed to conclude the deal was submitted late and the transfer fell through.

Keylor Navas Trains in Adidas X 15.1 Boots and Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves

Keylor Navas x Adidas.

Keylor Navas trained in a non-modified version of the Adidas X 15.1 Soccer Cleats after he previously laced up in blackout Nike Football Boots. Made for players who create chaos on the pitch, Keylor Navas joins goalkeepers such as Marc-André ter Stegen, who opted for the Adidas X Cleats instead of the Adidas Ace.

Keylor Navas wore Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves in yesterday's Real Madrid training session, while he previously used the Sells Total Contact Aqua Elite Goalkeeper Gloves.

However, we think it's possible that he will switch back to a blackout version of the Sells Goalkeeper Gloves in the next Liga BBVA match as goalkeepers change their equipment reluctantly. So watch out for Keylor Navas' Boots and and Gloves in the match against Levante on Friday and in the Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk next week.

So Keylor Navas is still a Real Madrid player, but has joined Adidas. Do you think that the possible Manchester United transfer influenced Adidas' decision to sign the Keylor Navas? Let us know in the comments below.