Top 10 - The Best 2015-16 Kits - People's Choice

When we created our top 10 ranking of the best 2015-16 kits, we knew from the start that not all of our choices would be shared by our readers.

We were overwhelmed by your feedback and the many personal top 10 lists you posted, inspiring us to create a second top 10 ranking, based on your comments and favorites. Here are your top 10 15-16 kits, in alphabetical order.

Arsenal Home

We all know how well Arsenal always does in online polls, so it would have come as a surprise to see the Puma Arsenal 15-16 home kit not included in this selection.

In the second year of its contract with the Premier League club, Puma has built on the first effort, creating the elegant and smart Arsenal 15-16 home jersey.

Barcelona Home

This is one that certainly grew over time; from the very first drafts showing the 'revolutionary' hoops design to the first leaked pictures and the finished on-pitch product, the Barcelona 15-16 home kit has come a long way.

Albeit the club never used this style of the shirt before, the Barcelona 15-16 shirt never feels like it's not a blaugrana jersey. Especially from further out during matches, it's hard to tell the difference between hoops and stripes, with the red shorts and the excessive orangish yellow details on the back of the socks standing out more.

Juventus Away

The inclusion of the Juventus 15-16 away kit in this list shows how rankings like this are subjective above all. Whereas we included this same shirt in our ranking of the 10 worst kits of the new season, it was frequently mentioned in the comments sections.

Inspired by the traditional pale pink Juventus shirts, the new Adidas Juventus 15-16 away kit comes with a modern twist, featuring a hoops panel on the front, as the sleeve cuffs and hem are contrasting in color.

Manchester City Away

Nike has definitely not disappointed this season, with the new Manchester City 15-16 away kit one of their masterpieces. Mostly navy, the Manchester City away jersey comes with sky blue trim and no distractions, while the sleeves boast a stunning, Blue Moon-inspired graphic.

Manchester United Home

As Manchester United returned to Adidas after many years with Umbro and Nike, the designers at the German brand have looked to the past to create the classic, yet modern Manchester United 15-16 home kit.

Drawing inspiration from the 1982 home shirt from Adidas, the new Manchester United home jersey features a subtle hoops pattern on the front, as well as an homage to the 1990-92 away jersey on the hem. Black and white details are present on the v-collar and sleeve cuffs.

Milan Home

As Milan look to regain their previous position in Italian and European football, the new AC Milan 15-16 home kit is definitely a step in the right direction. Leaving behind the uneasy look of the previous Milan home shirt, the Milan 15-16 jersey returns to the traditional black and red stripes, without unnecessary complications.

The classic St. George's Cross is kept in place of the original club crest, while the Adidas stripes on the sleeves are colored in a subtle dark gray.

Monaco Away

A shirt that almost made our shortlist as well, the Monaco 15-16 away kit is an instant classic, combining a Dark Obsidian base with Gold Dart accents in the form of the sponsor logos and the trim on the classic polo collar.

PSV Away

PSV Eindhoven are another team that has left Nike recently, in this case after 21 years with the Swoosh. Umbro's new PSV 15-16 home, away and third kits won't have disappointed fans looking back to the past however, as they convince in style, without being too simplistic.

Real Madrid Home

The Real Madrid 15-16 home kit is without a doubt one of the best Real Madrid jerseys in recent years, leaving out any unneeded disturbances and letting the pure white speak for itself.

Interestingly, the Real Madrid 15-16 home shirt would have almost looked quite differently, but Adidas got everything right this time.

Roma Away

The AS Roma 15-16 away kit is another fine example of Nike's flawless work this season, being an example in elegance and simplicity without being too bland.

Rounded off with a unique and interesting numbers style, the Roma 2015-16 away jersey pays homage to club's origins in a stunning way, featuring a subtle aerial view of Rome on the front.

What do you think of the people's top 10 2015-16 kits? Let us know in the comments below.