Top 10 - The Best 2015-16 Kits

With the new season well underway and (almost) all new 2015-16 football kits released, let's take a look at the best new jerseys.

We concentrated our selection on Europe's leagues, with our picks including at least one kit from each of the top 5 leagues.

10 | Rayo Vallecano Away

Not always do good intentions work together with kit design as well as they do for the Rayo Vallecano away shirt. Promoting the fight for a good cause, the new away shirt sees the rainbow colors take over the club's classic sash.

Each colored line as well as the rainbow in total stands for a different organization that fights against discrimination.

9 | Lazio Away

Not exactly a new design as such, the Lazio away shirt follows on the iconic 1980s Lazio shirt designs as well as last season's remake. Nevertheless, the eagle looks great as ever in sky blue on black ground.

8 | Bologna Home

Not infrequently, great kit designs are ruined by sponsor logos, blatant in their appearance or large in numbers. But nothing of that bothers the Bologna home shirt.

Made by Italian brand Macron, the Bologna shirt boasts the club's traditional Rossoblu colors in a traditional design, completed with a classic polo collar and neat details in the cuffs of the differently-colored sleeves.

7 | Olympique Lyonnais Away

The new Lyon 15-16 away shirt is red with dark blue accents, creating a memorable and smart look. Colored navy with red trim, the collar stands out in the otherwise clean design of the new Lyon away kit.

6 | Eintracht Frankfurt Home

Going from a full-striped kit to pinstripes doesn't always bode well reactions from club's fanbase, as last season's Inter kit or Southampton's home shirt the year before showed.

Eintracht Frankfurt, anyway, had a history with pinstripes both in the 1970s and more recently. This, plus the initiative from shirt sponsor Alfa Romeo to recolor its logo to match the shirt's colors, makes the Eintracht Frankfurt home shirt an easy choice to love, both for fans of the club and football shirt lovers in general.

5 | Aston Villa Away

Yellow might not be Aston Villa's most common change shirt color, but the new Aston Villa away shirt shows that yellow and black can work just great for the club.

All logos on the shirts are colored in black, contributing to a very uniform design, without becoming to streamlined, thanks to the fashionable collar construction.

4 | Juventus Third

Although not officially released yet, the new Juventus third kit is without a doubt the best shirt in Adidas' first-ever set for the Italian giant. A black base is combined with golden accents, which even make the polka-dot mesh detailing look great.

3 | Torino Third

Boasting a powerful dark blue main color, the Torino 15-16 third kit impresses with a stunning rampant bull print made up of the names of important players in the rich history of il Toro.

The club's dark red and white colors are present in the unique collar and the sleeve cuffs of the Torino third jersey, while the inside of the neckline reads the club's #SempreForzaToro motto.

2 | Hamburger SV Away

Hamburg might have started the new season with a 5-0 thumping by Bayern München, but their stunning new away kit made a great first impression on the pitch nonetheless.

Combining turquoise, blue and white, the HSV third shirt does well to balance out the different elements, something that Adidas kits often lack.

1 | West Ham United Home

For the last-ever season at the iconic Boleyn Ground stadium, Umbro has prepared a stunning set with especially remarkable home and away kits for the London club. For this ranking we go with the claret-and-blue West Ham 15-16 home shirt.

The West Ham 15-16 shirt honors Boleyn Ground with a design inspired by the kits worn in the first years at the stadium more than 100 years ago, complete with gold details marking the important season for the club.

Knowing that this is a highly debatable post, let us hear your own top picks within the 15-16 jerseys. Drop us a line below.