Adidas Originals Bayern, Chelsea, Juventus, Milan and Real Madrid Collection Revealed

This is a classy collection. Adidas yesterday launched the new Adidas Originals Collection for their six biggest European clubs. And while we already presented the new Adidas Originals x Manchester United Collection yesterday, we take a closer look at the Adidas Originals Pieces for Bayern München, Chelsea, Juventus, AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Whereas the Adidas Originals Manchester United Collection includes 12 unique products ranking from retro jerseys to hats, Adidas offers significantly less products for their other teams. While Bayern Munich (5), Chelsea (4) and Real Madrid (4) received quite a few different products, Juventus and Milan received just one product, respectively.

Adidas Originals 2015-2016 Club Collection

Here are all products of the new Adidas Originals Collection.

Adidas Originals x Bayern München

Adidas Originals x Chelsea

Adidas Originals x Juventus

Adidas Originals x Milan

Adidas Originals x Real Madrid

Some of the pieces are classy, some are a bit boring. What's your favorite product of the new Adidas Originals 2015-2016 Football Collection? Let us know in the comments below.