Blackout Next-Gen Puma evoPOWER 2016 Prototype Boots Leaked

Stealth look. The next-generation Puma evoPOWER Prototype Cleats boast a completely blacked-out look to hide the design and technologies of the third generation Puma evoPOWER Soccer Cleats.

Set to be released in January 2016 with a blue and yellow colorway, the next-generation of the Puma evoPOWER Football Boots introduces a totally new upper and sole plate design for Puma's Power silo. Players such as Cesc Fabregas, Yaya Toure, Olivier Giroud and Mario Balotelli will headline the third generation of the Puma evoPOWER.

Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Prototype - Blackout

This is the leaked black-out Puma evoPOWER Soccer Boot.

Even though the Puma evoPOWER Prototype Cleat features a totally blackout design, the lettering evoPOWER is visible on the medial side of the upper. This confirms that the leaked blackout boot is definitely the Puma evoPOWER, while the upper structure and sole plate design confirms that it's a prototype of the leaked Puma evoPOWER 1.3. So let's get into the tech details of the boots.

Although the leaked pictures show a prototype of the next-gen Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Cleat, the boot is identical to the leaked launch colorway of the Power cleat. Made for ultimate power and control, the next-generation of the Puma evoPOWER again features a one-way stretchable AdaptLite upper to allow the foot to bend like in a barefoot kicking motion.

It's logical that the third generation of the boot again comes with GripTex technology on the upper for increased control in all weather conditions, while the biggest difference to the previous generation is obviously the upper structure.

Whereas the second generation of the Puma evoPOWER Boots comes with clearly defined areas for the AccuFoam, the Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Cleat offers a much cleaner striking surface and smoother upper that is similar to the Puma evoACCURACY Mario Balotelli Boots.

And as the leaked pictures do not show the redesigned sole plate of the boot, we refer to the leaked launch paint job of the next-gen Puma evoPOWER Boots for all pictures and tech details.

Blackout. Would you like to get your hands on the Puma evoPOWER 1.3 2016 Prototype Boots to test them out ahead of the official launch in January? Let us also know what's your verdict on the boots in the comments section below.