Inter Milan 2016 Training and Pre-Match Shirts Released

The new Nike Inter 2016 Training and Pre-Match Shirts introduce a stylish design for the Nerazzurri, released in January 2016.

In June 2015, Nike revealed the Inter Training and Pre-Match Shirts for the first half of the season. So it's logical that the Inter 2016 Training and Pre-Match Jersey will be worn in the second half of the season.

Inter Milan 2015-2016 Training Shirt

This is the new Inter 15-16 Training Strip.

The new Nike Inter Milan 2016 Training Jersey combines the colors turquoise and royal blue to create a trendy design. It has royal blue applications on the collar, and a blue stripe is running down the sleeves of the shirt.

Based on the standard Nike Training Jersey, the new Nike Inter Milan 15-16 Training Shirt comes with the same design as the training shirts used for teams such as Barcelona and Manchester City.

Inter Milan 15-16 Pre-Match Kit

This is the stunning Inter 2016 Pre-Match Strip.

While Inter's Training Jersey is anything but extraordinary, the new Inter 2016 Pre-Match Shirt boasts a spectacular zig-zag graphic pattern on the front. On the back is the lettering Inter.

Even though the same design was already used for Inter's first pre-match shirts of the season, the turquoise and blue color combination of Inter's 2016 Pre-Match Strip creates a fresh look.

Awesome color combination. Would you like to see an actual Inter Kit featuring that color combo? Let us know in the comments below.