Update: Unique Spray-Painted Adidas' Euro 2016 Away Kits Feature Ridiculously Oversized Short Numbers

Update 10/01/2016: The first detailed high-res picture of the Adidas Euro 2016 Away Kit Numbers has been shown off on Twitter (thanks to @soccer4all1984). It better shows the unique spray-painted effect of the new Adidas Euro 2016 Away Numbers.

As Adidas is closing in on completing the launch of all of its Euro 2016 kits, the image accompanying the launch of the cycling-inspired Belgium 2016 away kit caught our eye.

It is different from the other photos unveiled by the brand in the way that it includes the shirt and short numbers. And while we get a glimpse at the unique, distorted Adidas Euro 2016 away kit font, the sheer size of the numbers on the shorts is ridiculous.

Adidas to Use Bold Numbers on Plain Shorts

Close-up of the numbers on the new Adidas Belgium 2016 away shorts.

After people starting noticing that the trademark stripes where missing from the sides of Adidas' 2016 away shorts, it now appears that Adidas had a clear plan from the beginning. In fact, the shorts are anything but plain, at least when worn by the teams during matches.

The numbers on the Belgium (and supposedly all other Adidas teams') 2016 away shorts are about twice as large as usual, covering almost the entire shorts on smaller sizes, such as the pants worn by Dries Mertens on the far left side.

Do you like the look of the fully customized Adidas Euro 2016 away kits? Let us know in the comments below.