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Adidas Germany Euro 2016 Pre-match Jerseys Released

The new Germany Euro 2016 pre-match jerseys are designed to match the styles of the Germany Euro 2016 home and away kits, set to be worn before and during matches by the Germany players at Euro 2016.

Adidas Germany Euro 2016 Pre-match Shirt

This image shows the unique black Adidas Germany 2016 pre-match jersey.

Drawing inspiration from the Adidas Germany Euro 2016 home kit, the Germany Euro 2016 pre-match top is mostly black with a modern crew-neck collar and white 3 Stripes placed on the sides. Contrary to the match jerseys and training shirts, the Germany Euro 2016 pre-match shirt features embroidered federation and sponsor logos.

To round off a smart design, the new Germany pre-match jersey boasts a subtle gradient from black to light grey at the bottom, contrasting a typographic 'Deutschland' front print design.

Germany Euro 2016 Away Pre-match Shirt

This is the secondary Germany 2016 pre-match top.

Matching the colors of the adventurous Germany Euro 2016 away kit, the second Germany 2016 pre-match shirt is half olive green and half lime green, complete with a unique gradient print on the front. The monochromatic Germany and Adidas Performance logos are embroidered, while a simple crew-neck completes the striking look of the Germany Euro 2016 pre-match jersey.

The print design from the front is continued onto the rear, with a sprayed stencil 'Deutschland' writing dominating the appearance from the back.

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