Eric Dier to Join Nike? Tottenham Youngster Switches to Branded Nike Magista Opus Boots

No more blackouts. Tottenham Hotspur defender Eric Dier has switched to the Dark Citron Nike Magista Opus Lightning Storm Pack Boots after he had laced up in a blackout pair of the same cleats since the start of the 2015-16 pre-season.

Eric Dier had worn various different Umbro Boots last season, while he returned to pre-season training wearing a unbranded and blackout pair of the low-cut Nike Magista Football Boots. In fact, the 21-years old defender already debuted the golden-brown Nike Magista Opus Boots in Tottenham's Premier League against Swansea City on October 4.

Eric Dier Switches to Dark Citron Nike Magista Opus Boots

Close-up of Eric Dier's Nike Magista Opus Cleats.

It's no surprise that Eric Dier wears a non-modified version of the Nike Magista Opus Cleats after he previously already laced up in a blackout pair of the standard edition of the same boot. Made to stand out, the Nike Magista Opus Lightning Storm Pack Boots combine a shimmering upper with a Volt graphic pattern on the heel area. It's a boot that not everyone likes.

And as Eric Dier has worn branded Nike Magista Opus Football Boots for almost one month now, it's extremely likely that the English defender has joined the Swoosh even though Nike didn't announce anything officially yet.

No more Umbro, no more blackout boots -> One less player who wears interesting boots. Will you miss Eric Dier's unique boot choices? Let us know in the comments section below.