Casillas and Cech Debut Adidas 'History Pack' Goalkeeper Gloves

FC Porto's Iker Casillas and Arsenal's Petr Cech debuted the classy Adidas History Pack Keeper Gloves in yesterday's Champions League games. And while it was quite an unhappy night for Iker Casillas as Porto was eliminated from the Champions League after a 2-0 loss to Chelsea and a happy night for Petr Cech as Arsenal won 3-0 against Olympiakos to make it into the round of the last sixteen, Manuel Neuer couldn't even debut his gloves as he was rested for Bayern's next Bundesliga match.

Launched on Monday, the Adidas History Goalkeeper Gloves Pack brings the design of three iconic Adidas gloves of the past into the present. And while Adidas launched 1400 pairs of the gloves globally, they also gave pairs of their History Pack Editions to three of their best keepers in order to give the historic designs the on-pitch presence they still deserve. Big thanks to @ProD_Keepers for several of the pictures and the heads up.

Iker Casillas | Adidas 'History Pack' 1982 World Cup Edition

Iker Casillas x Adidas 'History Pack' 1982 World Cup Gloves.

Iker Casillas wore the gloves that are inspired by the gloves used by Germany's legendary goalkeeper Toni Schumacher in the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

Petr Cech | Adidas 'History Pack' 1998 World Cup Edition

Petr Čech x 'History Pack' 1998 World Cup Edition.

Arsenal's Petr Cech wore the 1998 remake edition of the Adidas 'History Pack' that were originally worn by goalkeeper Fabien Barthez in World Cup triumph.

Manuel Neuer | Adidas 'History Pack' 1997 Oliver Kahn Edition

Manuel Neuer x Adidas 'History Pack' 1997 Edition.

Manuel Neuer couldn't debut his new gloves in yesterday's Champions League match. However, he already gave his classic gloves a bit of the attention they deserve as he showed them off in Bayern Munich's training session on November 17.

Pure class. What's your favorite glove of the Adidas 'History Pack' Collection? Let us know in the comments below.