Denver Broncos' Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders Debuts Non-Modified Nike Hypervenom Boots

Emmanuel Sanders has become the next American football player to wear soccer cleats instead of boots made for his actual sport. The 28-year old Denver Broncos wide receiver laced up for the first time in soccer boots in yesterday's NFL clash against the Oakland Raiders. He previously wore standard NFL cleats.

Denver Broncos's Emmanuel Sanders Debuts Orange and Black Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots

Close-up picture of the cleats worn by Emmanuel Sanders.

While a remarkable large part of 'soccer players' are wearing modified version of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Football Boots, Emmanuel Sanders laced up in what is exactly the same as the standard edition of the agility silo that was introduced in 2013 by FC Barcelona superstar Neymar. What else interesting can be said?

It's also quite pleasant to see that Emmanuel Sanders did not wear the latest colorway as almost all soccer players do, but instead opted for the 'old' Hyper Orange and Black Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Lighting Storm Pack Boots to match the colors of Denver's famous orange, navy and white uniform.

Would you like to see 'real football' players choosing boots to match the design of their kits instead of just wearing the newest colorway? Let us know in the comments below.