All About Nike's Euro 2016 Kits: Release Dates, Designs, Colors

Whereas Adidas and Puma have unveiled most of their Euro 2016 kits lineup, Nike has been completely quiet so far regarding next summer's big tournament. After many questions reached us from followers all over the world, we want to share what is known about the Nike's Euro 2016 kits so far.

Nike supplies kits for at least six Euro 2016 teams (Croatia, England, France, Poland, Portugal and Turkey), while Slovenia has only slight hopes for the Euro 2016 play-off against Ukraine later today.

Release Dates

Although earlier-than-planned releases were speculated about ahead of November's international fixtures, we'll have to wait a few more months for the new England, France and Portugal kits to see the light of the day.

Nike's Euro 2016 kits are all scheduled for launches in the first quarter of 2016, with the first national team matches window in March the obvious choice. It's all but confirmed, for example, that France and the Netherlands will debut their all-new Nike 2016 jerseys in their clash in Amsterdam on March 25, 2016.

Overall Design & Style

The PSG 15-16 Third Kit is reportedly a hint at the design of Nike's Euro 2016 kits.

As we already detailed in late September, Nike's Euro 2016 kits will be anything but old-fashioned, and instead feature state-of-the-art materials, construction and designs. The stunning PSG 'Dark Light' kit is said to be a hint at where Nike is going kit-wise.

Showcasing the brand's technological accomplishments, the Euro 2016 kits for the likes of Croatia, England, France and Turkey will feature a slimmer cut than previously, while the material constructions has been tweaked as well. In line with this, Nike's Euro 2016 jerseys will feature modern ribbed collars, just like almost all of the brands' 2015-16 club football shirts did.


The new overall design of the Nike kits also translates into the colors used by the brand for its major European national teams. All Nike Euro 2016 kits will combine shirt and shorts of the same color with differently colored socks.

France will lead the way as host, with the new Nike France Euro 2016 shirt boasting a bold, royal blue for the first time since the brand took over in 2011. 'Hyper Cobalt' is combined with white for accents, while the shorts of the France 2016 kit return to a blue color, combined with red socks. The France Euro 2016 away kit will be white, with details in dark blue, with the color taking over the entire socks.

  • England home
  • Netherlands home
  • Netherlands away
  • Portugal away

England will sport a traditionally white home shirt at Euro 2016, complete with accents in grey and royal blue, and combined with white shorts and red socks.

The same scheme is continued for the kits of Portugal (red-red-green and teal-teal-navy) and Netherlands (orange-orange-dark purple and dark purple-dark purple-turquoise). It is expected that it will also apply to the kits of Croatia, Poland (red and white) and Turkey (red and black).

Pre-match and Training Wear

Introducing the England Portugal Euro 2016 pre-match tops.

Parts of the training collection of teams like England, France and Portugal have been leaked already, revealing a set of templates that haven't changed all too much since the current season. Interestingly, the Euro 2016 pre-match shirts feature a gradient line design inspired by the next-gen Nike Mercurial Superfly boots, set to be debuted at Euro 2016.

Are you looking forward to the reveal of Nike's 2016 national team kits? Do you like the direction set with the PSG Dark Light jersey? Let us know in the comments below, and check out all Euro 2016 kits in our overview.