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Neymar Receives New Nike Hypervenom Camouflage Boots with 'Collar'

Update: Just socks. Neymar laced up in the same boots he has been wearing for the last month or so. Anyway, let's see what Nike has in stock for the Brazilian in terms of soon-to-be-released signature boots and a possible Magista switch.

Ahead of today's game against Real Betis, FC Barcelona superstar Neymar has debuted what appears to be yet another update of his already infamous camouflaged Nike Hypervenom football boots. Thanks to everyone who made us aware of Neymar's latest boot change.

Neymar's 'New' Nike Hypervenom / Mercurial Hybrid Boots

Returning from his Christmas holidays, Neymar has sported yet another new hybrid Nike Hypervenom / Mercurial cleat. Mostly the same as the one previously worn, Neymar's new boots appear to feature a Dynamic Fit collar-like finish.

On a first look, the black sock part looks a bit like the Dynamic Fit collar on the bronze Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boots released earlier this month. Upon closer inspection however, whereas Neymar's sock is solid black, the one on Phantom II boasts bronze sprinkles as well.

Finally, because Neymar's previous collared Nike Hypervenom hybrid boots, sported in Brazil training, featured all the details of the actual Hypervenom collar, and also because the sock part doesn't really appear to be connected to the upper of the shoe on the latest photos, we are fairly certain that they are in fact just an extra layer of conventional socks. Possibly still a clever way to pretend he's wearing the Phantom II, mind.

Eventually, we'll find out everything about Neymar's latest football boot mystery in his next official match. Stay tuned for more updates later tonight.