Nike Battle Pack Boots Pack by Swoosh Customs

What if Nike would steal the trademark design of the Adidas 2014 World Cup Battle Pack Boots? While Nike would actually never do this, Swoosh Customs had no fear to copy Adidas's iconic black and white design. The result is a collection that would make a bold impact on the pitch, just as the the boots that Adidas released for the tournament in Brazil.

Nike Battle Pack Concept Boots Collection

This is the Nike Battle Pack Boots Pack by @swooshcustoms71.

Boasting the infamous black and white design of the Adidas 2014 World Cup Collection, Swoosh Customs four boots are anything but a really new idea. But nevertheless, and even though Adidas' Boot Collection was just released 18 months ago, the design of the boots looks already fresh again, at least for us.

It would cause an extremely strong debate amongst boot fans if Nike would actually do something anyway similar to this. Do you like the look of the Battle Pack design on Nike's Boots? Let us know in the comments below.