Nike Tiempo 2016 Boot Comparison - Legend v Legacy v Mystiq v Genio v Rio

Almost two weeks after its unveiling, the Nike Tiempo Legend VI is finally available to purchase. But what about the several take-down models of Nike's control boot silo? Let's take a look at the tech features of the Nike Tiempo Legacy II, Mystiq V, Genio II and Rio III.

At the end of this overview, you'll find a handy table comparing the exact features of the five different versions of the new Nike Tiempo football boots. And while a few things like the sole plate (only the lowest-priced Nike Tiempo Rio III boot version doesn't have the one used by the Legend) are almost the same throughout the ranks, other aren't (the new, tongueless design is exclusive to the Nike Tiempo Legend VI).

Nike Tiempo Legend VI v Nike Tiempo Legacy II

Compare the two highest-retailing versions of the new Nike Tiempo football boot collection.

Nike Tiempo Legacy II

Retailing at a mere 120 USD, the Nike Tiempo Legacy II shares most characteristics with the more expensive Nike Tiempo Legend VI. Barely distinguishable from the top version, the Nike Tiempo Legacy II soccer boots come with a number of design differences, while the most remarkable changes are the traditional tongue and the use of calf leather instead of kangaroo for the upper.

Check out our dedicated post for a more detailed look at the second best model of the Nike Tiempo 2016 soccer cleats.

Nike Tiempo Mystiq V

The Nike Tiempo Mystiq V soccer boots retail at 85 USD and are the best variant available for small-sided football, coming both with both a turf (TF) and indoor (IN) outsole configuration. Cow leather is utilized for the upper which features a traditional construction with a tongue. The outsole is identical to the two higher-ranked models of the new Nike Tiempo.

Nike Tiempo Genio II

Available as FG, IC and TF version, the Nike Tiempo Genio II is mostly identical to the Mystiq V, although the structure and design of the Heel base is thoroughly different.

Nike Tiempo Rio III

Priced at just 45 USD, the Nike Tiempo Rio III is the cheapest version of the new Nike Tiempo available and has barely anything in common with the better models. In fact, it doesn't even boast genuine leather for the upper, with a 'leather-like' synthetic in use instead.

VersionTiempo Legend VITiempo Legacy IITiempo Mystiq VTiempo Genio IITiempo Rio III
UpperKangaroo leatherCalf leatherCow leatherCow leatherLeather-like synthetic
Xray skeletonX
Legend outsoleX
Weight244g (8.6 oz)244g (8.6 oz)249g (8.8 oz)249g (8.8 oz)
Price210 USD120 USD85 USD65 USD45 USD

Note: Nike is selling junior versions of the new Nike Tiempo labeled 'Legend VI' at 50 USD, but those are more equivalent to the Nike Tiempo Genio II men's boots tech-wise.

Which version of the next-gen Nike Tiempo 2016 boots has the best value for its money? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.