High-Profile Adidas X Players Ditch Pink Laces

No more pink laces. Several players wearing the Adidas X Boots have ditched the pink laces of the regular edition of the Black, White, Shock Pink and Mint Green Adidas X 2015-2016 Boots. The result of this are boots that come without any pink details at all.

Officially released last week, the mainly black and white Adidas X 2015-2016 Soccer Cleats are designed to stand out on the pitch. And while the new Adidas X Boots with the contrasting X-cage in the midfoot area would be already anything but dull without any other colorful elements, Adidas made them even bolder using pink laces and mint green applications. But it now looks like that various players would rather like to receive more classic boots...

Adidas X Players Opt For Alternative Lace Colors

Alternative Laces vs Regular 'Shock Pink' Adidas X Laces.

The modifications made by Adidas' players are easy to explain. Whereas all regular editions of the Adidas X 2015-2016 Boots (Synthetic, Leather, Knitted) feature eye-catching pink laces, the players who opted for the alternative laces just replaced the 'Shock Pink' laces with their own laces to create a more classic look. So which Adidas player ditched the pink laces?

While it's not possible yet to have a complete list of players who opted for alternative laces, we've already spotted five players who don't use pink laces: Cuadrado (Juventus), Gabriel, Walcott (Arsenal), Fernando Torres, Juanfran (Atlético).

For us, the boots definitely look better without the pink laces. Have you spotted any other players with alternative laces? Let us know in the comments below.